Lighting Services

Indoor or outdoor,
we bring the sparkle
to you


Surreal Productions’ wedding lighting routinely amazes brides and grooms, and their guests – your friends will be talking about it for years! We customise lighting so it’s right for your venue. Only simple accents, installed yourself? Or a range of effects to suit the time of day and different spots at your venue? We have a package that’s just what you need.

Weddings Lights

Take advantage of Surreal Productions’ equipment and expertise! If it’s fairy lights or festoon lighting you want for your wedding (or something completely different), we can source the equipment you will need and guide you on how best to install it. Light up your life (and your wife), easily.

Wedding Light Installation

Let our experts take care everything. It will be like the AV fairies have been and gone! Our Wedding Light Installation package is a complete solution: we will set up the equipment and show you how to turn everything on, leave you to your special day, and return to pack up when everyone is tucked up in bed.

Above and Beyond Package

Wow your guests and make them green with envy with Surreal Productions’ Above and Beyond Package. To make your wedding day truly special, we will design a creative lighting package, install the equipment, be on call to ensure there are no hiccups, and pack up – you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Whether you need DJ equipment to set up
a party at home or you’re pulling together
a 7-piece band to really get things swinging,
Surreal Productions can do it all. We work
with some of the best in the industry to supply
equipment to suit anyone’s needs.

Event Lighting

Surreal Productions lights up big events – and makes
sure the right sounds are heard at the right time.
Corporate functions, including awards ceremonies,
product launches. Concerts, big and small, indoors or
outside. Community and art events. Festivals for all
types of audiences.
Ready to light up your event?
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